Sunday School

Biblical Solutions for Life

Our Christian walk is very dependent upon a good Bible foundation. For this reason, we offer Sunday School classes in our SPC church that cover important Biblical principles. Through these classes, you will see how these biblical principles, although written years ago, still apply to our lives today.

We offer Sunday School classes for children in our church based on their age. For children 4 years or kindergarten -4th grade class is offered during our morning 10:00am service, and our 5th-10th grade class meets during our 5:00pm evening service.

Our Mission:

… to meet children at their level of development

… to teach them the love of Christ and the joy of His forgiveness and salvation

… to help them learn the truth of His Word

… to encourage their growth within the body of Believers

If you have any questions about SPC Sunday School?

You can contact Roman or Irina Fendikevich at 585-727-1707